Defective Toilet Paper can Cause you to need sewer cleaning

dreamstime_9956210It was just last month that I was informing the public of the abuse of toilet paper, then, last week, my warnings finally got credence as I stumbled upon an article regarding the dangers of BTP. You may read the article here from regarding: “CU sues over defective toilet paper”.

I need to warn you, friends, of the epidemic that is causing sewer backups at an alarming rate all over the nation. It is due in a large part to  BTP — yes, Bad Toilet Paper.

What is considered Bad Toilet Paper and how can I protect myself from it?

There are two main types of Bad Toilet Paper:

1. The first kind has a street name of Ultra. It is branded under multiple names and is readily available commercially. It is difficult to recognize it’s malicious nature due to the strong marketing involving cute bears that make number twoosies in the woods. The danger really comes in when this product is used in bulk. With its high absorbency factor, it grabs a hold of any water it can, forming into a dense lump that sits like a washcloth in your sewer lines. This BTP then builds up like spit-wads on a classroom ceiling. Removal involves a professional with sharp tools like a sewer snake or sewer jetter…that means calling for professional sewer and drain cleaning.

2. The other kind of BTP out there is a brownish, paper towel like quality toilet paper. It is neither comfy on the skin nor to the sewer line. It is not absorbent nor does it disintegrate well. Both these properties make it a poor choice for anything other than clogging sewer lines. This product can usually be found in CU dorms and gas stations.

To protect yourself from BTP takes some level of stealth. A recent visit to my local Target yielded 7 out of 10 Ultra brands of toilet paper. I fought my urge to give in and proceeded to the standard 2-ply. Unless you shop at wholesale sanitary supply stores, you should not have a concern with the 2nd type of BTP.

I thank you for the platform on which to voice my concern of this growing epidemic and hope you are now better informed of the dangers that can cause you to need sewer cleaning. Choose wisely!

With Tongue in Cheek,


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