Q: To Sewer Scope or Not to Sewer Scope

GarvinsLogo200WaterDear PlumbingGirl,
We had a sewer backup last week and you guys came out and sewer snaked our sewer line and got things working again. The line was not sewer scoped. The person that came out did not know the cause of the line becoming plugged. Would you recommend a video scope to make sure that there are not structural defects in our line such as sags or cracks?
Kevin of Louisville

Hi Kevin,

If the line is now flowing well and you don’t have another back-up within a year, I personally say, don’t worry about using a sewer scope camera on the line. Typically, if a homeowner with normal line use is experiencing back-ups more often than 6-12 months, then I suggest a sewer scope. Some homeowners only require a sewer line cleaning every few years. Some people, just for curiosity or peace of mind, will do a scope anyway. If you choose to do one, the cost is $235 and that includes a DVD.

Thanks for asking!

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