Our Declaration for Sewer and drain cleaning service

garvins_sitebg6_cartoonWe have set certain standards of service for our company before, during, and after our sewer and drain cleaning service. These are expectations that we try to set for our customers and our technicians. When we have our customers give feedback, we ask them to think of us in relation to this “Declaration of Service”.

I’d love your feedback on these. I’ve given the shortened version below, but you can see the entire Declaration HERE

  1. We quote our prices over the phone
  2. We give an estimated time of arrival (usually within 2 hours)
  3. You will receive a call when we are on our way
  4. The serviceman will be wearing a Garvin’s logo uniform
  5. The serviceman will use protective gear to keep your home as clean as possible
  6. He will run a “system check”
  7. He will present you with an invoice and a magnet and/or business card

Would you feel comfortable with this as a customer who is asking for someone into your home? What suggestions do you have to improve?


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