Sewer Cleaners For Car Lots and Garages

dreamstime_xxl_44087249Here at Garvin’s, we’ve been serving Denver’s houses for over 75 years. And most of the customers in those houses think that that’s all we do, but they’d be very wrong. After all, businesses all over the metro area need us to take care of their drains both inside and outside.

Car lots are a big client of ours, and it makes a lot of sense. After all, there are drains all over a car lot that most people never even think about. And when the drains and sewer lines get clogged, you start to look bad and lose business. That’s why you need sewer cleaners like Garvin’s.

The Lot Drains: We know of a car lot in Greeley where the entire lot was on a slant, and their most public corner was right at the bottom of that hill. They didn’t have preventive sewer service, and if it rained too much (or all the snow melted) most of that water pooled in their front lot, submerging some of the car tires up to four inches of water. When people drove in to take a look, they saw the cars under less-than-perfect conditions, and if they wanted to test drive one they’d be out of luck. It’s not a positive situation for the customer or the car salesmen. Remember, the storm sewer lines on your property are your responsibility, so keep them clean for everyone’s sake..

Garages: Service centers should have the proper means to dispose of oil, grease, brake fluid, and the like. It’s obvious that these don’t go down the drain, and very illegal if they do. But garages get dirty and dusty, as dirt is knocked off from the underside of cars, dust flies from brakes, and rocks fall from tires. A lot of this is swept up, but just as much goes down the drain and starts to clog your drains up. Plus you have to consider the sinks that your techs are washing their hands in.

Showrooms: Don’t ignore the drains that your customers are using! When you do that, your toilets start running slow and the sinks near the coffee machines start to stink. You’ve probably spent quite a lot of money making the waiting room comfortable for them, so make sure that the restrooms and snack station don’t cause them to have any negative thoughts about your dealership.

Car Wash: Nothing is going to slow down your drains and sewers faster than the car wash at a dealership. It’s constantly in use: new cars come in and they need a wash. New cars go out the door and need a wash. Same for used cars. And if you’re offering free car washes with service, you’re washing off all the gunk that customers bring in, and it’s going into your drains.

Don’t let your need for sewer drain cleaning get in the way of helping your customers. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call today and we’ll take care of all the drain service and sewer cleaning you have. Let us be your dealership’s sewer cleaners!




Hey Laundromats! How Long Until You Need Drain Cleaning Services?


Laundromats require constant drain cleaning services.If you’re a laundromat, you’re going to need a professional drain cleaning service sooner rather than later. After all, your business runs on water and the process of removing dirt from clothes…and all of that dirt and grime has to go somewhere!

With all that water moving through the drains and sewer lines, you might think that the drains of a laundromat are constantly being cleaned out. That would be true if you were dealing with only water, but there are so many things that people put into your machines that you just can’t control.

You can’t pick the soap: If you’ve ever cleaned out a shower drain, you realize that the stuff that doesn’t go down later just starts to collect in the drain. It can be much the same with soap…they’re not all created equally, and they don’t all degrade as much as you’d think they would. Plus, people often use more soap than they need to.

Grease: Usually when we’re talking about grease here at Garvin’s Sewer Service, we’re referencing the stuff that people send down their kitchen sinks. But in this case, you’ve probably seen mechanics who come in just to wash their greasy clothes. They don’t want it to affect their own plumbing, so they come in and gunk up yours as the soap breaks down the grease just enough to send it partway down the drain. But when it clings to the sides of your pipes, it’s not going anywhere until you have a professional drain and sewer cleaning service stop by. Because when the grease is there, it just starts grabbing everything else. For instance…

Clothes are constantly disintegrating: Lint traps are in dryers for a good reason, but they’re only catching the clothes particles that are created as the clothes are dried. Before clothes reach the dryer, they’re falling apart (slowly and over the years) in the washer, and all of that clothes matter is being sent down the drains with the water. Of course, it’s not always going to be getting too far, as it will be getting caught on all the hair that’s gone before it.

Hair: Clothing is full of hair. Arm hair, chest hair, head hair dog hair!. While much of the hair that people lose falls to the ground, some clothing material (like fleece and flannel) actively mines it and keeps it. This hair comes out in the wash and hopefully gets all the way to the sewers. Well, it does if you’re actively taking care of your drain with a drain cleaning service. If it doesn’t go down and gets trapped on the grease, it’s going to start collecting even more hair, as well as the other stuff people leave in their pockets.

Pocket stuff: Jewelry, nails (the metal kind), nails (the press-on kind), chapstick, screws, rocks…most of this stuff is large enough where it doesn’t get to the drain and just stays in your washing machine tubs. But if it’s small enough to get into the drain, it’s probably going to get snagged by the grease / hair mixture mentioned above.

The best way to handle this is with Garvin’s preventive maintenance program. And if you need some drain cleaning right away, give us a call and we’ll get your drains flowing again.




Moving Into An Old Restaurant? Reset Your Plumbing With Expert Sewer And Drain Cleaning


Drain cleaning with a used buildingThere’s a building up in Loveland (the city, not the pass) that used to house a food court. A new company moved in and turned it into a typical office space for about 200 employees, replacing the walls, ceilings, and installing carpet as you’d expect them to do. But after a while people started noticing something odd. It was a perpetual french fry smell, and while that’s certainly not the worst smell in the world, it raised a few questions…questions like “what the heck?” and “huh?” It turns out that, during the remodel, the contractors had forgotten to remove the grease traps from the time the building had been a food court! All that grease down there, smelling pleasantly of french fries and pizza, was slowly becoming rancid.

When a restaurant goes out of business, one of three things usually happens. One, it becomes another restaurant, no surprise there. Two, it might become a different type of business, maybe a retail shop or a nail salon (or an office space). Third, it just gets leveled to the ground and somebody starts over with that space.

We can’t do much with that third option (though we could give the old lines some sewer cleaning, building or not!). But the first two we can really help with. That’s because, whenever you take over an old restaurant, you’ll want to get the drain and sewers lines cleaned as soon as you move in.

Drain Cleaning: If you’re moving into an old restaurant, you’ve got to know something…some of what went down their drains is still there. Its grease, its food particles, its hair and soap and knives that got dropped down the drain. It’s not just a possibility, it’s definite. You have no idea how careless they were, either, and they might have been pouring their vegetable oil and cooking grease straight down the drain every day. Get your business off on the right foot with proper drain cleaning service so that you make sure that you have a completely clean start to your drains.

Sewer Cleaning: Whether you’re turning the old restaurant into a new restaurant or are having the sinks removed, you’ll still have a public bathroom to deal with. And you don’t want to have anything sent down by the previous client keeping your water from going down the drain and out to the public sewer line. Get some sewer drain cleaning done and make sure to have a fresh start, no matter what your business.

Grease Traps: Grease traps are wonderful inventions, ensuring that as little grease as possible reaches the public sewer system. That’s good for your sewer lines as well as the sanitation worker and your building’s neighbors. Clean it out, get a sewer jetter in there, and make sure that your salad restaurant or women’s boutique isn’t constantly smelling of french fries!

When you’re renovating, never forget about the importance of clean drains. Call the sewer experts who have been doing this for over 75 years…Garvin’s Sewer Service!




Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are Three Things You Can Do Ensure You’ll Need Emergency Drain Cleaning Service!

You'll need drain cleaning service if you abuse the grease!

Pour me down the drain…at your peril!


[A tongue-in-cheek blog post from Garvin’s Sewer Service:]

Happy Thanksgiving, all! We hope you’ve got some great plans to invite people over and stuff yourself with a stuffed turkey.

But when your guests all go home, maybe you get a bit lonely and want to have some company from your local sewer service. If this is the case, here are a couple Thanksgiving “invites” that will have us at your door in a flash!

Pour That Turkey Oil Down The Toilet!: If you deep-fried a turkey this year, you’ve got to do something with the oil, right? When you pour the turkey oil down the toilet, it’s not only the oil you have to worry about but the grease that came from the turkey itself. And grease down a toilet drain? Oh boy, this is a gold mine for us! All those twists and turns in a toilet will have us there for a while. [Joking aside: What should you do with it? Most recycling centers will accept used cooking oil.]

Pour That Turkey Grease Down The Kitchen Sink!: If you want us to come for drain cleaning, one of the fastest ways to get us there is to pour the grease from the turkey down your sink. In liquid form it slides right down. But then it starts to congeal, and it leaves some of itself behind. Cold water makes it cling to the sides of your drains, but then warm water sends it down further until it conceals in your sewer lines. Drain cleaning becomes sewer cleaning, so we’ll stick around even longer! [Joking aside: Never send grease of any kind down the drain. Wipe it off with a paper towel and throw it in the trash, or use it for cooking if you’re not too health conscious.]

In all seriousness, we all know you shouldn’t do either of these things. While we make our money from drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, we certainly don’t want you to have to go through the problems associated with these actions. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



3 Cheap Things You Can Do To Prevent Frequent Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning can be prevented with a little care.

Sinks Only! SINKS ONLY!!!

Here at Garvin’s, we want your business. There’s really no secret about that. But we also know that if our van is parked out in front of your house every two weeks, it seems like we’re doing a bad job. We’re here not only to sell our sewer drain cleaning and sewer services to you, we’re also here to educate you on how you can have a healthier plumbing system in your house. After all, we’re your our neighbors and we drive the same streets as you do…we don’t want angry drivers who are constantly worried about their sewer system cutting us off!

So, here are some of the most common things you can do to prevent having to call us all the time. While it’s pretty impossible for you to do anything about tree roots requiring rooter service, you can make sure that your drains stay a little cleaner.

In The Shower: One of the first things you can do is to get a hair trap in the bath / shower. Hair is certainly the biggest offender when it comes to catalysts for clogs. And it makes sense that you’d lose a lot of hair in the shower, considering that’s where you wash it and massage your scalp. Buying a cheap rubber hair trap that you clean after every bath or shower will prevent your hair from starting a clog in the first place.

Considering the toilet: Don’t put stuff down there that shouldn’t go down there. We all know what toilets are used for, and it’s not for flushing feminine hygiene products (even those labeled as flushable) or condoms or paper towels or cleaning wipes. Also, consider using a toilet paper that disintegrates more easily, as many clogs are caused by too-thick, too-solid toilet paper. Also, it might seem simple, but have a plunger handy. Know, though, that if you’re having constant clogs that it’s probably not your drains or you diet…your sewer lines are probably getting clogged and will need our sewer snake to push through.

At The Sink: We’ve talked time and again about how utterly bad grease is to your kitchen sink drains. That’s because it really is the big reason that drain, home sewer lines, and public sewer lines get clogged. First of all, don’t put grease down your sink in the first place. Second, keep that strainer in your sink in place so that food doesn’t go down the non-disposal side. Get a high-quality garbage disposal that can create the smallest possible particles of food. If your garbage disposal can handle chicken bones, sure it can be fun to hear them crunch, but is it really any better for your drain than if you throw them in the trash.

Finally, get a plunger that you only use for sinks. In fact, write “SINKS ONLY!!!” on it and keep it under your sink, so that the in-laws don’t see it and think “yep, that’s the toilet plunger allright.”

Preventive maintenance: One of the easiest ways to keep your drains clean is with Garvin’s preventive maintenance programs. By having us do regular drain cleaning, you might never have to call us for sewer cleaning.

Follow these simple steps and you’re halfway to a clean drain. And when it does come time that you need sewer drain cleaning, give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call. We’ve been serving the Denver area for over 75 years!



What Do People Do With Grease?

Drain cleaning Here at Garvin’s, we’ll admit it…we’re not really interested in your household grease. While we have every interest in moving it on its way so that you never see it again, we don’t really want to keep it.

Who would, anyway? Well, actually, there are quite a few people out there who are interested in grease, and are happy to take cooking oil and grease off the hands of a local fast food place. Why?

Rendering: You’ve probably heard of rendering, which is the process of taking animal byproducts (mostly fat) and turning them into something useful again. While most rendering is done directly from slaughtered animals, the grease that restaurants produce is another sizable source.

Car Fuel: Believe it or not, cars can run on cooking oil and grease. If you have a diesel engine, you can convert it for about $1,500 to one that runs on cooking oil, and if you ask enough restaurants you’ll probably be able to get it for free. While it’s not ideal in all situations (they’re much harder to run in the winter since the freezing temperature of oil is higher than diesel), they are a great way get rid of waste grease, and your carbon footprint is minimal. You’ll probably always be hungry, though, because your exhaust smells great!

Cooks: While you don’t want to use the grease that’s gone down your drain, you can certainly store grease from that bacon you cooked Saturday morning and use it to fry something later. Obviously this isn’t nearly as healthy as cooking with olive oil, but then again olives don’t taste like bacon!

Grease has lots of uses, but it’s a real pain when it goes down your drain. If you know that it’s one of your problems, give Garvin’s a call for expert drain and sewer cleaning. We’ll send the grease on its way!




Why You Should Get Drain Cleaning Performed When You Move Into A New House Or Apartment

Why you should get drain cleaning when you move into a new house.At Garvin’s Sewer Service, we know that most people give us a call when there’s something wrong with their drains. Either the sink is backed up or the toilet is overflowing or a clogged drain turns their shower into a bathtub. And we love helping people get out of these unfortunate situations and get their drains flowing faster than ever.

Today we’re suggesting that you give us a call for sewer and drain cleaning as soon as you move into your next house or apartment, even if nothing seems to be wrong. Why?

Shower: There’s probably no drain in the house that will explain our reasoning faster than the shower drain. Imagine you move in and two weeks later the water just isn’t draining out of your shower or tub as fast as it should. That’s odd, you think, because there’s no way your hair could have clogged the drain that quickly. You can probably guess what’s clogging the drain…the hair, dirt, and shower products from the previous occupants. And you’re standing in the water that won’t head down because of it. Yuck!

Bathroom sink: If you’ve ever lifted the stopper in a bathroom sink, it’s hard to not gag at the stuff that’s just a few inches from your toothbrush…collected hair, soap, and makeup, all degrading and turning into a black goop. It’s bad enough when you know that it came from the stuff you sent down there, but it’s much, much worse when you know that it’s the goop from a different person. Call us for drain cleaning and we’ll send it on its way.

Kitchen Sink: You’ve got no way of knowing if the previous owners or renters were good to their kitchen sink pipes or horrible. Were they the kind of people who never sent grease down the drain but didn’t worry about sending pineapple peels down the garbage disposal? Even if you treat the kitchen sink right from now on, the tiny amounts of stuff you send down could be caught by the stuff they sent down.

Toilet: If the toilets are running slow, it could be a slow drain. As in a “maybe they tried to send the turkey fryer grease down the toilet last Thanksgiving” slow drain. And as weird stuff down the toilet grabs more weird stuff down the toilet…well, we won’t tell you the stuff we’ve found from previous occupants. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fresh start?

Sewer Cleaning: Even if every drain in your home is running well, there’s a chance that things are still being caught by the crimes of the previous occupants. Maybe they knew that their tree roots were catching whatever they flushed, but they never got around to rooter service. Start from scratch with a thorough sewer cleaning from Garvin’s and know that the previous tenants are gone for good!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re starting with clean drains? Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and we’ll make your drains and sewer line work as good as they ever have!



The Secret War Going On During Halloween: Put Pumpkin Guts Down Your Sink and Drain Cleaning Quickly Follows!


Pumpkin guts create drain cleaning problems.Halloween can be a fun time of year, but there’s something nefarious that goes on that no one ever talks about…the secret war between pumpkin guts and kitchen drains!

When you’re cleaning out your pumpkins, everything is all gooey and sticky, and you might think that the seeds and guts will slide right down the drain. In fact, most people avoid putting it into the garbage disposal because of the seeds, but it’s everything else that really causes the problem.

Garbage Disposals: The real culprit here is the stringy goop of the guts. You know how hard it is to pull that stuff out of the pumpkin by hand, and most people end up using a scoop to get it all out. Now imagine the garbage disposal blades are trying to cut through soft, gooey, gluey strands that are nearly impossible to break.

The pumpkin seeds present their own problem. Just like green firewood is harder to cut than dried firewood, the water in pumpkin seeds causes the cells to stick together and not let go. If you’ve ever had dry seeds, you know how fibrous they can be. When they’re wet, multiply that by 10 and you’ll see why the seeds can cause problems

The Sinks: Whatever parts of the pumpkin that make it past the garbage disposal will doom you to a Halloween professional drain cleaning. That’s because the pumpkin gut hardens to what can only be described as “nature’s concrete.” Don’t believe us? Put some on your countertop or a plate and let it dry. You’ll find that it’s incredibly hard to get off, and having a professional come in for drain and sewer cleaning is your only option.

Worst case scenario…you need a new garbage disposal and professional sewer drain cleaning. We can help you out of that problem, but we’d rather it didn’t happen in the first place. Have a Happy Halloween from your neighbors at Garvin’s Sewer Service!




The Importance of Proper Drain Cleaning Service When You Own A Restaurant

Drain cleaning is great for restaurants.If you own or run a restaurant in the Denver area, it’s not likely that you’ll be needing rooter service anytime soon due to tree roots. After all, not many restaurants have a lot of trees that are planted right over the sewer line, trees that are just trying to burst into the line to get at the water and nutrients. (Nutrients from sewage…we’ll call them ewwtrients.)

But restaurants have a lot of other problems when it comes to drain cleaning and sewer service, ones that you’ll want to stay on top of if you’re going to keep your restaurant up and moving.

Grease: Without a doubt, this is the biggest problem that a restaurant faces. Certainly it’s worse for some than for others; after all, if you have a burger and fry place you’re going to produce more grease than if you offer raw food dishes. But most every restaurant is going to be producing grease, and with any amount of employee turnover, you’re going to have employees sending oil and grease right down the sink. Once this happens, it can cause drain and sewer problems throughout the building. Garvins will be there to eliminate all of your sewer drain cleaning needs.

Sinks: You’ve probably got debris traps in your sinks, as well as garbage disposals. But they’re not always going to be used correctly, and stuff is going to end up going down your kitchen sinks (and public bathroom sinks). When it gets to be too much, call us for your drain cleaning in any part of the Denver area.

Toilets: What’s the difference between your toilets at home and the ones in your restaurant. Answer: you can control what goes into your toilets at home. When you have a public restroom, you have absolutely zero control over what people put into them. You can post signs saying “no paper towels in toilets.” You can say “please place your feminine hygiene products in the provided receptacles.” But you have no control over what people are putting down your toilets.

That’s where Garvin’s Sewer Service comes in. We’re there for all your drain cleaning needs, and will help move things along when your entire sewer system is having problems. The lack of clean, functional bathrooms can mean all the difference as to if a customer will return to you restaurant.

Age of the Sewer System: If you’re running a restaurant in a new development in a newer suburb, you probably don’t have to worry about age. But if you’ve renovated some old building in downtown Denver, you’ve got to deal with not only the sewer system of Denver but also that of the previous tenent. If you’ve just moved in and need a clean start, or you need to make sure that the problem isn’t going to be on your end, Garvin’s Sewer Service will be there to do the sewer drain cleaning for your restaurant.

No matter how careful you are in your kitchen, you’ll eventually need drain cleaning and sewer service from Garvin’s. Give us a call when you have problems, or sign up for our preventive maintenance program to make sure the problems never show up in the first place!




Is It Okay To Pour Boiling Water Down My Pipes In Order To Do My Own Drain Cleaning?

Is boiling water okay for drain cleaning?Whether they’re trying to do their own drain cleaning or simply pouring off the water from pasta, we have gotten the same question over and over: is it okay to pour boiling hot water down the sink?

Good question, and the answer is: not really, and we wouldn’t advise it. Why?

It’s not good for most pipes

If you have PVC pipes under your sink (as most of us do), it has to hold up to at least 140-degrees Fahrenheit. But it’s certainly not rated to handle the the 212-degree temperature of boiling water (well, 203-degrees here in Denver because of how high we are above sea level). The glue at the joints are even more susceptible, And even if you’ve sent boiling water down before and noticed no ill effects, know that the damage could be cumulative.

You’re risking injury

Sure, you deal with boiling water when you cook, but most of the time (like with potsticker or corn on the cob) you’re taking the food out and letting the water cool in the stove. If you’re trying to move boiling water over to the sink, you’re taking one more risk of injury in the form of a scalding or a steam burn.

Never do it in a porcelain sink: If you have a porcelain sink, you run the risk of cracking it if you pour boiling water in it. Porcelain (be it a sink or toilet) can’t hold up to such temperatures.

It’s probably going to just move the clog deeper

Like we’ve mentioned before, any grease that’s gone down the drain slides down and sticks to the sides of the drain. Then a little more collects until hot water melts it and sends it a little lower. There’s a point, though, where all of the hot water is going to cool before it gets to the grease clog, and that’s exactly where it’s going to stay. So now instead of having a clog that’s just a little ways down your sink, you’ve got one that’s deep inside your home. That’s where it’s going to stay until until a mechanical drain cleaner goes down there to scrape it off and push it along.

It’s not going to do anything for sewer problems

Some of the time your problems are definitely drain related, but sometimes it’s your sewer that needs serviced because of tree roots that have gotten into your sewer line and the disgusting debris that they collect. Not only will the boiling water cool before it gets there, it wouldn’t do any good even if it were there! If all of your drains are running slower than they should, it’s time for rooter service from Garvin’s.

So there you have it…can you pour boiling water down your sink? Yes, but you can also pour boiling water down the back of your television…doesn’t mean it’s good for it! At best it’s just delaying your problem, so when you’ve got a bad clog that a plunger won’t fix, give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call.