Why So Many Drain Cleaning Calls On Monday?


Here at Garvin’s, we’re ready to go. What that means is that you can call us 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year (and even February 29th this year!) and we’ll be there to take care of your unscheduled sewer emergency.

But what if it’s not an emergency? What if something happens over the weekend but it’s not so bad that you can’t wait? While we’re out every day of the year, there’s one day of the week on which we get more calls: Monday. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons why so many people call us on Monday.

The weekend is two more days for something to go wrong: Mondays are just naturally busy for many business. People get sick over the weekend and wait until Monday to call the doctor. People organize their “to-do” list over the weekend and end up calling customer service for their broken electronics first thing on Monday.

It’s much the same with sewer and drain cleaning. People start having a problem over the weekend and they wait until Monday to give us a call.

Taxing the system: Saturday and Sundays are the days of the week that people are most likely to have lots of people over. Maybe it for the Bronco’s game, maybe it’s a company party they’re hosting. When you have lots of people over, you’ve got two things going on. First of all, you’re sending exponentially more water and waste down than you normally would. If your sewer drain was on the edge of clogging, this could send it over the edge.

Second, you have people using your sinks and toilets who aren’t used to the limitations of your system. They might flush things that go down just fine at their house but that you’re system is going to have a major problem with.

Fixing what the homeowner might not be able to: Let’s say someone notices on Tuesday that all the drains in their house are running slow. They wait a couple of days to see if the problems resolves itself (chances are slim), and then by Thursday they say to themselves “I’ll see what I can do about it over the weekend. They try something on Saturday or Sunday and realize that the problem is just too big for them. Though it’s still not an emergency, they’re just can’t wait to give us a call on Monday morning.

The superintendent: If you live in an apartment, the superintendent probably isn’t going to pay emergency rates unless the water is literally covering your floor. If he can wait, he probably will!

When you’re having trouble with your sewer drains, give Garvin’s sewer service a call no matter what day it is. We’ll be sure to take care of all of the drain cleaning and rooter service you require. See you soon!



Get Preventive Sewer Drain Cleaning and You Can Avoid The Horrors Of A Backup

Preventive sewer drain cleaning can prevent a mold explosion!

If you’ve ever experienced sewage in your basement, you know what a terrible situation it can be. And if you haven’t, be glad, because it’s just the beginning of problems that are going to last for months.

We’ll get this out of the way first…one way to prevent many instances of sewage backing up is to to have regular preventive sewer cleaning. If you keep the roots and clogs in your sewer pipe under control, it’s less likely you’ll experience the horrors of sewer backup.

So what should you do when you head to your basement and realize that there’s sewer water in your basement?

Don’t Jump In!: Okay, that might sound obvious, but if it’s ankle-deep some people put on their waterproof boots and step in to try to find the source of the problem. The number one reason you shouldn’t do this is because the water could be carrying an electric current if it’s reached any wall plugs. The safe level is even lower if you have plugged-in electronics that are sitting on the floor or carpet.

Instead, shut off the power to the basement. If this isn’t possible (for instance, if your electrical box is in your basement) call an electrician.

Open a window!: First of all, it’s going to stink and sewer gas can be noxious. Second, it will help reduce the chance of an airborne virus affecting you. Finally, it might have knocked out the pilot light and damaged your furnace or you water heater, so you’ll want to prevent the chance of explosive natural gas building up.

If you do walk around: If you’re intent on getting to the backup to investigate, make sure that you clean your footwear and anything else that come into contact with the water in a bleach solution. Do the same to any plungers you use.

Put on latex / rubber gloves: Some of your are going to want to try to fix the problem before you move onto the next step (calling Garvin’s Sewer Service), so if you do interact with it at all make sure to wear waterproof, protective gloves. Horrible diseases living in the water can enter through cuts in our hands (and your eyes and mouth, so wear eye protection and put on a surgical / dust mask).

Call Garvin’s!: No doubt about it, you’ve got a problem. And the best way to get life moving again is to call the experts, and we’re here 24/7/365. We know the best way to get your sewer line moving again, and can help you with the standing water. If your sewer drain doesn’t respond to typical rooter service, we can also send down the sewer scope (aka sewer camera) and see exactly what’s causing your problem.

Call your insurance and restoration company: As we’ve written about before, most standard insurance policies don’t cover water damage or a backed up sewer. If you’ve had the foresight to get such insurance, give them a call. Once we’re done, you can start with the restoration company as well.

A sewer backing up is a horrible thing, but we’ll leave you with one bright note. As bad as it is, remember that most of the water leaving your house is from washing machines, showers, and sinks. While you have to avoid the water on the microbial level, there’s not much chance you’ll encounter a whole lot from your toilet.

As we said, preventive maintenance can be a great step to keeping roots out of your sewer drain pipes, and being alert to sewer problems can help prevent sewer backups before they happen. Give Garvin’s a call at the first sign of trouble.



One More Thing About Garbage Disposal Installation and Proper Drain Cleaning


We talked at length recently about the right way to treat your garbage disposal so that the stuff you send down it doesn’t gum it up, cause it to stop working, and lead to unnecessary drain cleaning. But there are a few things that can happen even if you’re taking care of it.

Keep It Clean: Because garbage disposals are constantly chopping food, parts of the food are going to get tossed to the side and stick to the inside of the disposal. The food starts to rot, and the stink begins. Grinding ice can be a good way to clean it, as the ice will bounce around and knock the food off without damaging the blades. Chopping small pieces of citrus fruit peels can can freshen it up.

Use It Often: If you don’t know much about garbage disposals, you might be curious when you open the box and find a hex wrench (or maybe you moved in and found it under the sink. Or maybe whoever performed your last garbage disposal installation failed to tell you about it).

This hex wrench fits a hole in the bottom and can be used to manually move the blades in the garbage disposal. Why is this necessary? Well, sometimes the garbage disposal might lock up, usually due to disuse for some time. For instance, we’ve come back from a two-week trip, tried to turn it on, and found that it simply doesn’t work. Unplugging it and moving that hex wrench back and forth just a few times should get it up and running again.

Getting stuff out: If something hard goes down into the garbage disposal, like a hard fruit pit, a broken piece of glass, or a piece of silverware, don’t stick your hand down there. Unplug it and get the offending item out with tongs.

And if it doesn’t work?: What happens when you’ve tried everything and yet your garbage disposal still isn’t working? What if you’ve cleaned it out in every possible way and yet you know it’s still the source of the bad smell, and that it’s worth the money to you to replace it? Perhaps your 30 year old disposal sounds like a garbage truck eating a metal garbage can and you need a quieter one to deal with your new jittery dog. In all of these circumstance, give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and we can get your garbage disposal properly installed!




Keeping The Wrong Stuff Out Of Your Garbage Disposal Prevents Unnecessary Drain Cleaning


Garbage disposals are pretty cool, we have to admit. It’s great when you’re cleaning plates after a meal and don’t want it to stink up the kitchen by having it sit in the trash. It’s also a great alternative to sink stoppers, which can be difficult to keep clean and keep on top of.

When you are in need of garbage disposal installation or cleaning, please give us a call here at Garvin’s. But we’re happy to give you a few tips to cut down on drain cleaning and keeping your garbage disposal up-and-running in the meantime.

Know what not to send down: People put the wrong stuff down the garbage disposal, and that can ruin both the disposal and clog your sewer drain. Don’t let the name fool you…garbage disposals aren’t supposed to be a trash can for anything that will fit into it.

So, what should you watch out for?

  • Stringy and starchy fruits and veggies – Potatoes skins, artichokes, mangos, asparagus, rhubarb, celery…all of these will cause your garbage disposal to choke and seize up. Many of these are just too tough for the blades, or their “strings” get caught around the blade mechanism. Send this stuff to your composter and let the heat and bacteria break them down so that they can fuel your garden.
  • Grease – We know, we say it a lot. (The moment people stop doing it, we’ll shut up about it!) Oils and grease aren’t just bad for you drain, they’re also bad for your garbage disposal. Put the grease in the trash or recycle it.
  • Coffee Grounds – Coffee grounds tend to get caught in the trap of your garbage disposal, so it’s best to toss them or compost them like the fruits we mentioned above.
  • Bones – Some garbage disposals claim that they are great at getting rid of chicken bones. We don’t recommend it. While chicken bones are certainly thinner and softer than what you’ll find in a t-bone steak, there’s really no reason to risk them getting trapped, starting a clog that you really don’t want to have to deal with.
  • Pits – This one is pretty obvious. Stone fruits like peaches (also known as drupes) produce pits that are as hard as…well, stone. Watch out for avocado pits as well (the skins are pretty tough, too). If it’s something that could rattle around in your garbage disposal for days, it’s probably a bad idea to put it in there in the first place.
  • Utensils – We know that you didn’t intentionally put your spoon into the garbage disposal, but when you turn it on and it sounds like a plane crash in your kitchen, you feel pretty freaked out (and you might have damaged the disposal as well.) Before you use your disposal, take a quick look to make sure that no one has dropped anything in (and that Lily Tomlin isn’t down there)  

Garbage disposals make life easier, but they’re not catch-alls for anything that falls down your drain. Treat it right and you won’t need drain cleaning nearly as often. But when you do, give Garvin’s a call.




4 Sewer Drain Problems That Are Almost Impossible To Avoid


There are precautions you can take to avoid the need for constant sewer drain cleaning, but other things aren’t so easy to avoid. For instance:

Previous owners: If you’ve moved into a house that was previously owned, there’s a good chance that some of the stuff that they sent down the drain is still there. While they might have hired move-out cleaners (or maybe you hired move-in cleaners) to make the house sparkle when you bought it, there’s a lot of stuff left in the drains that you can’t see but can still affect your health and the health of your drains.

Because you don’t know how they treated your drains, problems might arise. However, you can avoid these problems if you call us for some of our Denver-famous preventive drain cleaning service.

Hair: Even if you use a hair trap, some of those hairs are going to slip down the drain when you shower. When you combine that with the grime that builds up because of skin cells, soap and hair products, your shower drain will eventually back up, leaving you to feel uncomfortable in standing water. Keep your sewer drains clean and send the stuff that comes off your body all the way down to the public sewer pipes.

Tree Roots: Trees! We love them! But their roots are constantly searching for water and nutrients, and sewer pipes give a constant supply of both. Roots getting into a sewer pipe is pretty normal and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need a sewer line replacement any time soon. But it’s important to keep the roots cleared out so that they don’t grab passing toilet paper and create a clog that could back up into your home. You can’t necessarily avoid tree roots, but you can keep the roots at bay with proper rooter service.

Time: You use hair traps, you buy the fastest-degrading toilet paper, you don’t put a pizza plate in the dishwasher until all of the grease has been wiped off and put into the trash. Maybe you even stop stuff from going down your garbage disposal “just to be sure.”

You can be the most careful person in the world, but eventually over the days, months, and years, stuff is going to build up in your drains and sewer lines. It’s not your fault, and some of it can be attributed to the problems listed above.

Total Collapse: Entropy! Order becomes disorder! It’s the reason you have to clean your house, the reason that your old Zenith television wore out, the reason everything eventually gives out. We’ve been in the business for over 75 years and have seen a lot of sewer lines give up the ghost. We’ve also seen 75-years-old sewer lines that are just fine. Eventually, though, shifting ground and huge roots will cause it to crack and prevent your sewage from reaching the public sewer line. When this happens, we can send the sewer camera down to see what the damage is, and if it’s a total loss, we can recommend reputable sewer line replacement companies.

There are fixes to your problems, but not if you ignore them. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and we’ll make sure your drain cleaning and sewer cleaning are taken care of in a snap.



What’s In Drain Cleaner? And Why Doesn’t It Work In Sewer Drain Cleaning?


Why drain cleaners don't work very well in sewer drain cleaningWe understand that there is a certain temptation that comes with chemical drain cleaners. After all, you simply have to go to the store, pay your $7 for some Drano or Liquid Plumr, and you’re good to go, right?

Well, not really. Chemical drain cleaners are one thing we rail against here at Garvin’s Sewer Service, and there are many reasons that we don’t use them in your home or ours.

What’s In Them: Chemical drain cleaners contain chemicals like sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, sodium hypochlorite, and aluminum. We’re not trying to scare you with big words, but we will scare you with their warnings to that, should it get in your eyes, mouth, or even skin, you should get to a poison control center immediately. After all, this stuff is made to dissolve organic matter. Hey, that’s exactly what you’re made of!

It’s Only A Short Term Fix: We admit, chemical drain cleaners can (but don’t always) work short term. They might get your drain to unclog that night, but it’s certainly not doing much to help you long term. Why?

Think of the clog in your drain. It’s sitting there, made of food particles, hair, grease, and all the other stuff that falls down the pipe. If you send a chemical cleaner down, it drops to the bottom (because the liquid is heavier than water) and settles on top of the clog. Then it gets to work, dissolving the most vulnerable part of the clog, often the fats. But the moment it pokes a small hole in the clog it heads down the drain and is gone. You’re happy because your water starts going down, but in many cases most of the clog is still there, only now it has holes in it. Because the clog is still there it can grab even more stuff, and once it fills up you’re just back to square one.

Maybe you’ll help it next time by using a plunger. Oh no you don’t, because…

Their Limitations Are Unlimited!: According the website of a popular consumer chemical drain cleaner [name redacted to protect the lackluster], you’d better not use a plunger because the product could splash back and get on your clothing. In our industry, that’s code for “splash back and blind you permanently.” Can you use it in a toilet? No. Can you use it in the dishwasher? No. Can it remove foreign objects that were dropped down the drain. No. Can you use them in any plumbing that has any rubber whatsoever. Again, nope.

If You Have A Root Problem: If your problems are roots, chemical drain cleaners are going to do something between “diddly” and “squat.” There are commercial grade acids that can help clear tree roots, but in most cases you’ll have to have a license to use them…and do you really want them in your home in the first place? We don’t want to have to deal with them either.

So what’s a person to do when they need proper sewer drain cleaning? Do what the chemical cleaner’s website says and give someone like Garvin’s Sewer Service a call when they don’t work and you need proper rooter service. We’ll clean your pipes edge to edge to make sure the clogs are truly gone.



If You Manage Hotels and Motels In Denver, Drain Cleaning Should Be A Top Priority


Denver hotels need drain cleaningDenver has its share of great hotels and just okay hotels. Same when it come to motels. But whether you manage one or a dozen, there’s one thing that should be at the top of your list…drain cleaning.

Why is this, you might ask, when everything seems to be running fine

You Can’t Control What Your Guests Send Down The Toilet – If a person is staying one night at a hotel, how much do they care how they’re affecting the drains and sewer system of the entire hotel? Even if they are there for a week, they’ll never treat your drain system with the same respect as they would with their own, where they are the ones responsible. So what’s going down to clog up your drains? Rolls of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, condoms, food too stinky to leave in the trash, and the dietary leavings of businessmen eating meat-heavy diets on an expense account. All heading down your drains and hurting your sewer system.

Sinks – Much like toilets, it’s impossible to determine exactly what people are thinking when they send stuff down the drain. Sure, you can forgive the occasional toothbrush, because it was probably an accident. But how did all that dental floss get down there? Are they simply using it and tossing it in the sink? We’re sure your handymen have found some other pretty weird other stuff down the sink as well, and eventually it’s going to get so bad that you need to call professional drain and sewer cleaners

Shower Drains – If you never have to drain your shower drains at home, there’s a good chance you’re someone with short hair. But when you’ve got people from all walks of life showering, they’re going to send all sorts of long hair down the drain. Just because it’s not a problem that you deal with personally doesn’t mean that it’s not something you have to deal with professionally.

Your Restaurant Could Be Adding To The Problem – If you’re having trouble with your sewers constantly clogging, there’s a good chance that your restaurant may be part of the problem. Grease traps are great, but you have to make sure they’re drained and properly cleaned with a sewer jetter. And even the best ones can’t be 100% efficient. If your sewer pipes are constantly needing cleaning, maybe it’s time to get a new sewer trap installed.

If You’re Having Trouble With One Drain… – Sometimes drain problems aren’t really drain problems. If you’re having trouble with one drain, sure, it might be just that one drain. But if you’re having trouble with many drains in your hotel, there’s a good chance that’s it sewer service that you’re needing.

Taking care of a hotel or motel (or many) is a huge responsibility, and how your guests feel about it determines whether or not they’ll come back. If they have any problems because of the drains, it could lead to a bad review online that could convince others not to come. Don’t let your drains be the cause of lost business…call Garvin’s Sewer Service today!


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When Your Car Wash Needs Commercial Drain Cleaning, Give Garvin’s Sewer Service A Call!


Most people who go to a car wash never even think about the water. Well, that’s not true; they think about the water that’s coming down and hitting their car, but they never think about where it goes once it rolls off their hood.

Here at Garvin’s Sewer Service, we actually think about that a lot. We have a number of car wash clients who rely on us as their drain and sewer cleaners so that their business can keep running. We’re big fans of car washes, since we know what happens at home when people wash their cars…everything goes down the storm sewer and directly into the water system untreated. Good thing your water goes to the sewer so that it can be treated.

Of course, the runoff from your business can’t get to the sewer system to be treated unless it’s free from debris. What service can we offer you from Garvin’s?

Drain Cleaning Services: You never know what you’re going to knock off of someone’s car. We’re not talking about antennas, we’re talking about the junk that they bring in with them. Huge clumps of mud, rocks, sticks, and stuff you’d never guess would stick to a car in the first place! Sure, your drains can handle a lot, but mix that with the grease that can comes off of undercarriages and brakes and you can need a drain cleaner in no time.

Sewer Cleaning Service: Just because it goes down the drains doesn’t mean that it’s gone for good. Eventually you’re going to need sewer cleaning to scrape everything out all the way to the public sewer line. Garvin’s is the sewer cleaner you need.

Preventive Maintenance Programs: Why wait until you’re standing in two inches of water to give us a call? With our preventive maintenance program, we’ll keep everything cleaned out year-round so that so that you never have to turn a customer away due to a clogged drain or sewer.

At Garvin’s, we want to help you keep your business running. Let us help you by giving us a call today!

Run A Hair Salon? Our Preventive Maintenance Drain Cleaning Will Keep You Running

Why hair salons need drain cleaning so muchHas there ever been a business more in need of professional drain cleaning that a hair salon? After all, you’re constantly sending one of the most notorious drain cloggers right down the pipe!

Here are Garvin’s, we’re dedicated to commercial plumbing and every business that needs drain cleaning. And when it comes to hair salons, we know exactly what’s going on and how to deal with it.

The Hair: Of course, hair is the biggest culprit. You’re not only cutting it, but you’re also massaging scalps during the shampoo, causing some to come loose and others to finally fall out. And it all goes straight down the drain. That’s the last time you’ll ever see it again…unless, of course, your drains back up and it floats back up into the sink. That will gross you and your customer out. When you get drain cleaning taken care of, we’ll get rid of that hair so the next two items in our list can’t grab on.

The Shampoo and Conditioners: If you’ve ever cleaned a shower drain, you’ll notice lots of gross stuff hanging onto the hairs you find there. Some of this is shampoo and conditioner that never lathered, and it just gloms onto the hair and doesn’t wash down the drain. That in turn grabs more hairs. We’ll make sure that stuff goes away for good.

All that other stuff: You work in a hair salon, so you know about some of the weird chemicals you use. If you have a clogged drain and those chemicals are trapped, you certainly don’t want to go the Drano route. Mixing chemicals like that could cause toxic fumes that could sicken everyone in the shop.

The best way to take care of all of this is with regular drain cleaning, where we come in at a set time to make sure that there’s never time for anything you send down your drain to pile up. If you don’t go for that, make sure to call us at the first sign of a problem. Contact Garvin’s today!