How To Replace the Toilet Tank Flapper

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When replacing the flapper in your toilet, you need to make sure that the new one is very similar to the old one to ensure that it will work. The flapper is the device on the inside of the tank that allows the water to flush the contents of the bowl through. If you are going to replace the flapper, it is most likely because it is allowing water to drip through into the bowl and making your tank run.

Follow these steps to replace the toilet tank flapper:

  1. Lift the lid off
  2. Turn the water off. You don’t necessarily need to do this; it is optional
  3. Unclip the old flapper from the toilet and it will come off. The chain is attached to the flush lever and needs to come off as well
  4. The new flapper snaps right onto the body of the flush valve
  5. Give the chain a little bit of slack, take the clip off, and attach the chain to the flush lever
  6. Turn the water on if you had turned it off, fill the tank, and make any necessary adjustments
  7. Put the lid back on

If any of this seems too complicated, call Garvin’s. We would be more than happy to come replace any part on your toilet.