How To Replace the Toilet Flush Lever

Plumbing Service How-To Videos

You can purchase a new flush lever from your local hardware store or from Garvin’s. It usually has two parts: the flush lever and the nut that holds it on. Flush levers can be located on different parts of the tank, so you need to make sure you purchase the proper one.

Follow these steps to replace the toilet flush lever:

  1. Turn off the water to the toilet
  2. Lift the lid off
  3. Use pliers to remove the nut. Note that it uses a reverse thread
  4. Release the chain off of the flapper
  5. Pull the old lever out and insert the new one
  6. Screw the nut back on. It doesn’t need to be very tight
  7. Reattach the chain using the clip
  8. Turn the water back on and make any necessary adjustments
  9. Put the lid back on

If any of this seems too complicated, call Garvin’s. We would be more than happy to come replace any part on your toilet.