How To Clear a P-Trap

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A p-trap is a device that holds sewer gas out of your living space. It is important to know how to clear a p-trap incase it is clogged or if something, such as a piece of jewelry, has fallen into it.

Follow these steps to clear your p-trap:

  1. Remove the two nuts using either your hands (if they are not on tight), pliers, or a channel lock
  2. Loosen the p-trap by turning the nuts to the right. Make sure you have a bowl to catch the water that may drip out
  3. Remove the j-bend
  4. If you wish to replace your p-trap, there is another nut towards the back on the wall that you must twist off. Pull it out and replace your p-trap
  5. If you lose something down the drain, don’t run any more water. Get something to catch the water, remove the two nuts, and whatever fell down the drain will most likely be in the j-bend
  6. To get something that is stuck in the j-bend out, use something pointy to push it through
  7. To put it back together, twist the nuts back on
  8. Run water to make sure nothing leaks

If this seems like a lot of work, you can’t get the nuts off, or it is rusted, it’s time to call Garvin’s. We will repair or replace a p-trap for you.