How to Check the Water Meter for a Water Leak

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If you have ever wondered why your water bill is so high and you don’t seem to be using a lot of water, a good way to determine if there is a leak is to look your water meter. Most people have a water meter pit out by their front sidewalk. Some people have a water meter inside their house too.

Follow these steps to check a water meter:

  1. Turn the nut to remove the lid (for an outdoor water meter pit)
  2. Turn off all the appliances that use water in your house first, then wait 30 minutes and check your water meter
  3. Look at the dial on the water meter. It shows how many gallons you’ve used (which is how you get your bill)
  4. If you see the meter moving and everything is shut off, there is possibly a leak
  5. If you think you may have a leak, mark the dial where it’s at, wait 30 minutes, and if it mas moved while all appliances that use water are off, you most likely have a leak

If you believe you have a water leak, it’s time to call Garvin’s for assistance.