COVID 19 Updated – 1/6/2022 

Garvin’s continues to stay up to date on the most recent information regarding COVID-19 and makes changes to policies and procedures as needed. Right now, these include: 

We’ve requested technicians showing any signs of illness to refrain from reporting to work. We’ve also asked they report any COVID exposure and not return to work until they have a proven negative test.  

Some of our clients require vaccinated technicians on their premises and we have measures in place to fully cooperate and meet this mandate. Customers may request that their technician be vaccinated at the time they place their service call. Not all technicians have chosen to vaccinate themselves, so the request must be made prior to the technician’s arrival.  

Technicians will wear a mask at your request, and some may choose to wear one even without your request. We ask that you honor this choice. We also ask that you make every effort to maintain a 6-foot distance from your technician when they are working. As always, technicians use disposable gloves worn at only one location.  

As an essential service, we continue to perform work for residential and commercial clients, however, are unable to provide the 24/7/365 schedule many of our customers have come to expect from us. We know this is causing some inconvenience for our loyal customers and apologize. We continue to hire and train to restore staffing levels in alignment with customer demands. 

Thank you for your continued trust and patronage. 

COVID 19 Updated – 8/17/21

We have been experiencing staffing shortages resulting in a decrease in available hours. We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing to our loyal customers who have come to depend on us 24/7. We continue to work on hiring and training to restore our staffing levels to once again be able to provide this service.

We are not mandating vaccinations, however you can request a vaccinated service tech. Whether or not you or they are vaccinated, you may request staff wear a mask in your home, and some may choose to wear a mask even without your request. Techs continue to wash their hands, use disposable gloves, and clean up after themselves, as they always have. We appreciate you maintaining a 6’ foot distance from staff as much as possible and thank you for helping us, and you, stay healthy.

COVID 19 Update – 11/16/20

If you or a member of your family has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, we ask that you disclose that and avoid any contact with our staff during their service call.

Staff are asked to not report to work if they have any COVID symptoms. Because of this, some of our wait times are longer than normal. We are finding the need to reschedule preventative services for emergencies and are charging a $60 trip charge for jobs in which we arrive and don’t perform work. Thank you for understanding.

COVID 19 Update – 3/24/2020


Garvin’s Sewer Service is committed to the safety of our customers and staff. We have been keeping an eye on the CDC’s recommendations and State and Federal Policies. As an Essential Service, we will continue to provide service to both residential and commercial customers needing water and sewer service during this time.

We are practicing social distancing in our office and are asking any sick staff, including technicians, to stay home and not report to work. Our technicians will be wearing single-use gloves and we ask that as much as possible, customers honor social distancing. In addition, our technicians are washing their hands upon arrival and upon leaving and have been briefed on proper hand sanitation.

As always, we will continue to prioritize service to hospitals and medical facilities, other essential service providers, and residents with at-risk populations in their home.

Community safety is an effort we all must take and we thank you for allowing us to continue to serve.