Average Joe ways to be a little greener, like not using chemical drain cleaning

dryerA good friend of mine has a deep fear of being labeled as a hippie.  I won’t tell you his age, but it’s older than me, and it probably has to do with his and his dad’s military background. Nonetheless, he recognizes the importance of treading lightly on the environment. Here are some non-hippie ways for Average Joe to do good in honor of Earth Day:

Laundry Room:

Keep your dryer filters clean. Clean the lint screen after every dryer cycle. Twice a year, check and clean the outside vent and vent hose from the dryer.

Avoid chlorine bleach. Bleach is poisonous and irritating. It is terrible for septic systems that rely on good bacteria to break down solids. When bleach is poured into plumbing, it forms toxic and cancer-causing organochlorines.


Don’t use harsh chemical drain cleaning solutions. These are toxic and corrosive and usually are not effective. If you can’t get it with a plunger, you might have to have a profession drain cleaner come and use a sewer snake (rooter service).

Sorry Ernie, but Rubber Ducky is not welcome here. Vinyl products, such as rubber duckies and other bath toys, as well as vinyl shower curtains, aren’t made in an environmentally safe way, plus they can add toxins to water when they get hot.


To kill weeds, use boiling water or vinegar.  Boiling water will kill any roots, so don’t put it on weeds that are near plants or flowers you’d like to keep. You can spot treat weeds also with undiluted vinegar. To keep pests away, cotton balls with vinegar can be placed around your garden, or you can spray them with a solution of equal parts water & vinegar.

Ok, Joe, I hope this helps you be a little greener with little effort, and no one would dare label you a hippie 🙂

With All kinds of Hippie Earth-day Love,


Girls Only: Drain Cleaning Tips for Women

drain_cta_revAre you an adventurous Do-it-Yourselfer? Or, are you a Happy-to-have-others-do-iter? Maybe some of both? I’m that way, depending on the project. I like to do anything crafty and creative, like making cards, painting and things involving glue. I don’t particularly care for projects that involve electricity, heights or gross things that smell. With that being said, I’m writing this article to help you with the latter, namely, gross things that smell.

Yes, I’m with Garvin’s Sewer Service, the daughter of a plumber. There’s no glamor in that. None. Thankfully, most of the gross stuff are things I only hear about while I’m safely hiding in my office. Nonetheless, I feel it is worth sharing some important plumbing tips that apply especially to women.

 I’m warning you now, this does involve gross things, but I will tread delicately.

  1. Hair. Ladies with long, beautiful hair, ladies who shave, ladies who like excessive bath products (ie. conditioner, bath salts, soap), take note: Make sure your drain has something to catch these things. When it does catch them, scoop that out and throw it in the trash- don’t force it down the drain (what’s the point in that, really?)
  2. Tampons. If you use tampons, it is important that you don’t flush them. I’m not talking about the applicator- I’m talking about the actual cotton tampon. When you remove it, wrap it in toilet paper and dispose of it in a sanitary can or your waste basket. THIS CHANGE ALONE will save you from hundreds of dollars in sewer line cleaning. Don’t think that just because you are a renter, it won’t effect you- we hear from landlords who hold their tenants responsible for this. Ok, yuck, done talking about that.
  3. Jewelry. Ladies who keep their jewelry next to the sink: STOP IT. Ladies who put their jewelry on over the sink: STOP IT. Please keep your jewelry away from drains. Remember when women had vanities where they sat and applied their jewelry & make-up at a mirrored table? Be fabulously retro and save your beautiful jewelry instead of sacrificing it to the sewer gods (they don’t care for it anyway). Note: the sewer gods get particularly greedy for your jewelry during the holiday months, especially when you are walking out the door for a party.

Follow these few tips and drain cleaning might not be in your immediate future!


As always, if you have questions, please ask me. AskPlumbingGirl@hotmail.com

Kris “PlumbingGirl” Jordan

Our Declaration for Sewer and drain cleaning service

garvins_sitebg6_cartoonWe have set certain standards of service for our company before, during, and after our sewer and drain cleaning service. These are expectations that we try to set for our customers and our technicians. When we have our customers give feedback, we ask them to think of us in relation to this “Declaration of Service”.

I’d love your feedback on these. I’ve given the shortened version below, but you can see the entire Declaration HERE

  1. We quote our prices over the phone
  2. We give an estimated time of arrival (usually within 2 hours)
  3. You will receive a call when we are on our way
  4. The serviceman will be wearing a Garvin’s logo uniform
  5. The serviceman will use protective gear to keep your home as clean as possible
  6. He will run a “system check”
  7. He will present you with an invoice and a magnet and/or business card

Would you feel comfortable with this as a customer who is asking for someone into your home? What suggestions do you have to improve?


10 Weirdest Things That Required Professional Drain Cleaning

dreamstime_xxl_65815Working in the sewer and drain cleaning industry has lead to some interesting surprises. Why would people flush these things? Or did they just drop them in the toilet, didn’t want to retrieve them, and want to see if they’d go down the drain? Either way, they stuck around longer than they thought they would!


Our TOP Ten Weirdest things found clogging drains:

(true story)

1. Rutabagas

2. An Adult Toy

3. Cat Litter

4. Cardboard (in a disposal)

5. Squirrel

6. Very Large Undies

7. Dentures

8. Hairpiece

9. Rubber Gloves

10. Tropical Fish


Have you flushed something that didn’t want to go away? Give Garvin’s a call and we can take care of your drain cleaning.