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The Dangers of Drain Cleaning

Every once in a while we have customers call us complaining that the drain cleaning service we provided broke their drain line. Because of this, I wanted to give more information about the dangers of drain cleaning to help homeowners, property managers and the like, better understand the process and impacts of drain cleaning. How […]

The curse of the clogged sewer line

Ghosts, zombies, bats and vampires! In October, all things frightening are bound to appear before month’s end.  But there’s something scarier than Edgar Allen Poe read around the campfire. Something more chilling than your favorite horror movie. Something guaranteed to strike fear in the bravest of hearts… The hulking marauder that cares for no-one. That […]

Does hot weather affect your plumbing?

Oh, yes. It does. Mother Nature’s frigid fingers can cause pipes to burst during our cold winter months in Colorado. But, did you know extreme heat can be a concern too? Beat the UV Most of us live at least 5,280 feet above sea level here in our beautiful Centennial State. We wouldn’t choose to […]

Don’t forget these outdoor plumbing tips as you tip-toe through the tulips

“Those were the best days of my life…” ~Bryan Adams       Barbecues. Belly flops into the pool. Frisbee golf. “My love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone.” ~Don Henly.       Home runs, picnics, fireworks. “In the summer time when the weather is high, you […]

Tips to keep your plumbing fixtures in top condition

Nobody likes a plumbing surprise. Surprise retirement or birthday celebrations with cake, yes, but grey water or sewer shocks aren’t fun. To help, we want to let you know what to look for to possibly prevent plumbing excitement. Sneaky Leaks Once in a while it’s good to take a peek beneath your sinks to see […]

Why clay sewer pipes may cause issues in some homes

Grab your swimming suit We’re going to take a trip in the hot tub time machine!  What? Ok, we’re referencing the 2010 sci-fi flick where four friends wind up in the past after time travelling in a damaged Jacuzzi. Not an Academy Award-winning flick, but it is fitting for a plumbing company to travel in […]

A Guide To Sewer Line Preventive Maintenance in Englewood

Not all plumbing problems are quite the same. A slow drip from your bathroom faucet, or a water heater that’s not quite as hot as it once was, amount to slight inconveniences. Other problems don’t just cause mild headaches; they can cause catastrophic damage. A sewer line backup falls squarely into the latter category. But […]