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How bacon grease down the drain can lead to you needing sewer cleaning

What do I do with my bacon grease? Drain cleaning service providers typically deal with the same most common clogs: Grease Too much slow or non-disintegrating product in the sewer line (such as wipes, tampons, paper towel and more) Roots Preventative maintenance can help with all these. Instead of pouring bacon grease down the kitchen […]

The Value of a Sewer Camera Inspection in a New Home Purchase

There are three main reasons Garvin’s Sewer Service thinks are valid for sewer scope (aka sewer snake, aka sewer camera) inspections. We frankly get frustrated when we hear other companies do these on a regular basis because we see homeowners being sold something they don’t need based on the infrequency, and therefore lack of education, […]

High Ethics, Happy Customers and Culture Make for Longevity in the sewer service business

This year, Garvin’s Sewer Service is celebrating 75 years in the sewer cleaning, drain cleaning, and sewer camera inspection business. A family-owned, honest, reliable drain cleaning company, Garvin’s Sewer Service is now in its third generation of ownership. They believe their values and mission statement create a culture that demands customers be treated the way […]