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When to Schedule Sewer Line Locate Service in the Denver-Boulder Metro Area

What is sewer line locate? And when do I need it in Denver?

Are you considering a remodel or landscape project this spring in Colorado? Don’t make the expensive mistake of building over your sewer line! Instead, contact a local drain service for sewer line location service before you start renovations. 

A sewer line locate service is performed by a drain specialist to determine the depth and direction of a sewer line. All properties have main sewer lines that slope downward as they leave a property before connecting to the city or municipal sewer. This means that the line is typically closer to the ground surface, the closer you are to the property.

The locate tool works by entering the sewer line and sending up a signal that alerts the technician to the location and depth of the sewer line. The technician then marks the ground with flags and/or paint to note the line’s location and depth, if needed.

When do you need sewer line location service?

The most critical times to get sewer line locate service are:

  • Before a dig crew shows up to do sewer line repairs
  • Before a major landscape project 
  • Before a renovation or remodeling project

Why locate your sewer line before sewer repairs?

Getting sewer line location service prior to sewer repairs prevents unneeded digging or digging in the wrong location. Often, it’s best to have a sewer line locate completed before an estimate for repairs. It allows for a more accurate estimate since the depth and length of your sewer line play a critical role in the cost of repairs.

Your sewer line repair service may also perform a locate for a second time immediately before the ground is broken to ensure accuracy.

Why locate your sewer line for a landscaping project?

Knowing where the sewer line is located on your property before your landscaping crew arrives with shovels can prevent damage to the sewer line. It’s also essential information for your landscaper to know if they are installing a water feature, building a patio or constructing a retaining wall. 

Landscaping features should never be built on top of a sewer line. You want an investment in your landscaping to last, but if it’s on top of your sewer line, you might have to remove it if there is a sewer line break. Also, the construction of a project over your sewer line could cover or damage the sewer line access point, which is critical for maintaining the sewer line through the decades.

Why locate your sewer line before a renovation or remodeling project?

When adding on an addition or doing major remodeling, knowing the sewer line’s location is critical in planning. Building plumbing structures without awareness of the sewer line’s location can be a costly mistake. It could make it impossible to configure new plumbing systems, or the construction might fail an inspection because it doesn’t follow the current plumbing code. Both could lead to the project needing to be redone. Save yourself the headache by having a sewer line locate done before a remodel that will add additional structures to plumbing or take up more ground space. 

If you have additional questions about sewer location services in the Denver, Colorado, area, contact us! We’d love to share our expertise with you.

About the Author:

Kris Jordan is the General Manager of Garvin’s Sewer Service serving the Denver metro area. She is the third generation to work in this family business started in 1940 by her Great Uncle Russell Garvin. Garvin’s prides itself on reliability and honest, knowledgeable staff.

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