She Was Told She Needed a Sewer Replacement But Needed This Instead: True Story

Garvin’s Sewer Service is an Englewood based sewer and drain cleaning company serving the Greater Denver area for over 75 years. They don’t replace sewer lines but rather give objective sewer scopes and free second opinions to help Englewood, Denver, and the surround areas’ homeowners peace of mind before spending thousands on sewer line replacements or repairs.

Recently, a Garvin’s Sewer Service representative received this message:

(Thu, Mar 8, 3:39 PM)

SR: “I have been dealing with sewer plumbing issues for the last couple of months. Finally today I had [Sewer Replacement Company X]* come out and camera my sewer line and they found a “dip” in the pipe under my foundation. They will need to remove concrete in my basement to fix it… Needless to say, I’m just a bit overwhelmed a the moment. Do you have a recommendation for a reliable company that can give me an estimate? [Sewer Replacement Company X] wants $5500 and I just don’t have a feel if that’s reasonable or not.”

Garvins: “Did they leave you a copy of the video?”

SR: “No.”

Garvins: “Ok. A dip isn’t a reason to replace a line unless there is a crack or mud. Are you aware of either of those? The fact that they didn’t leave you the video is suspicious because you paid for it and you are entitled to a second opinion based on it.”

SR: “All the camera showed was about a 2 foot space where the line was full of water and waste”

Garvins: “That’s a belly and it can be cleaned for $200. There should be water and waste in there, it’s a sewer. Without mud or a crack, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Call Mitch at 303-571-5114.”

SR: “Seriously?”

Garvins: “Yes. [Sewer Replacement Company X] is a company know to upsell jobs. Sorry. 🙁”

SR: “Thanks – I’m going to see if I can get him to send me a copy of the video too”

Garvins: “Ok. The video will confirm what you really need and Mitch will look at it for free”

(Thu Mar 8, 4:49 PM)

SR: “The good news is I can get the video. The bad news is I have to wait til Tuesday when the tech gets back to the office to email it to me. Of course he’s on vacation until then.”

Garvins: “Lol. See that’s further proof that it’s not critical because they would start the work ASAP if so. It’s good news.”

SR: “Oh ya. Thanks – I needed that perspective.”

(Thu Mar 15, 10:54 AM)

SR: “You were right – it wasn’t nearly as bad as [Sewer Replacement Company X] said. Mitch was wonderful. I feel sooooo much better. I want to take you to dinner soon because you saved me THOUSANDS of dollars. I needed an opinion from someone I knew I could trust – Mitch was at my house a couple of hours educating me and reassuring me it was ok. It’s the best money I’ve spent in a very long time. I am serious about dinner too. 🙂”


*This is a fake name to protect the company who likes to sell people things they don’t need in order to make a ton of money. Otherwise, this is a completely true and accurate conversation with a very happy customer. And, she’s not the only one!

Garvin’s Sewer Service has saved Denver area customers hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year by cleaning lines other companies have wanted to replace!

There is a time and place for sewer line replacement, but why not get a FREE second opinion to make sure? Call Garvin’s at 303-571-5114 today.

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