Just Say No to Drano!

dreamstime_xxl_45757549When you experience a clog in your toilet or drain, how likely are you to reach for Drano, Liquid Plumr, or another chemical clog remover? Are you sure that’s a good idea?  Plumbers strongly recommend against using chemical drain clog removers, and it’s not just because it helps their business. Let’s explore the reasons to stay away from chemical drain cleaners.

It can make your toilet explode!

Yes, you read that correctly! Chemical drain cleaners do not mix well with porcelain, and the chemicals heat up while in the toilet bowl. The porcelain can either be cracked by the chemicals, or the combination of chemicals and porcelain could actually explode! Can you imagine the damage caused to your bathroom by a clogged toilet explosion? Don’t do it!

It eats away at your pipes

Although chemical drain cleaners can effectively remove some clogs, they can eat away at your pipes as well, especially if you use them frequently. Frequent use of chemical drain cleaners leads to the chemicals sitting in your plastic and metal piping systems, slowly corroding them away. Our professionals at Garvin’s Sewer Service recommend cleaning your sewer line once a year to prevent frequent drain clogs.

The chemicals are dangerous for children and pets

The same chemicals that eat away at drain clogs can also harm your children and pets. Often, one of the main ingredients in chemical drain cleaners is lye, a caustic and toxic substance. Lye can cause severe burns when it comes into contact with your skin, and it could kill animals and people alike if they drink it. Also, chemical drain cleaners can release poisonous chemical gases when mixed with other cleaners, which could be fatal.

It’s Harmful to the Environment

Not only is lye harmful to humans and pets, it’s harmful for the ecosystem as well. When you pour chemical drain clog removers down the drain, they eventually release back into the environment.  Lye changes the pH of water bodies and can cause tissue damage in wildlife.  Exploring safe alternatives to Drano will positively impact the environment that you live in.

Chemical drain clog removers could potentially remove that nasty clog from your drain, but they have many very severe consequences. Wouldn’t you rather remove clogs safely with our trusted professional plumbers who have experience in drain cleaning in Denver? If you live in the greater Denver area, call Garvin’s Sewer Service today, so that we can do the dirty work for you!  Our testimonials speak for themselves!