The Bidet: Will Your Local Plumber Be Fixing Yours?


Boy, we’ve been talking about toilets lately, haven’t we? Well, it only makes sense; as your local plumbers, we’re dealing with the water coming into and leaving toilets all the time.

Most toilets in America are very similar. They consist of the bowl, the tanks, and the plumbing that’s associated with them. Sure, the valves might be a little different, but they all share the same basic design.

One way that some toilets differ is with bidets. We talked about them a little in our last blog, but we figured we’d let you know why they’re becoming more popular and why we’re seeing them more often. (Most bidets we see are aftermarket devices that are attached to existing toilets) Here are three distinct advantages to bidets.

It Uses Less (Or No) Toilet Paper

Now here’s something that your local plumbers can get <ahem> behind! One of the biggest reasons that toilets get clogged and need drain cleaning the first place is that people are using too much toilet paper. Less waste is fewer clogs!

It Uses Less Toilet Paper!

plumber 2We hope you don’t mind if we repeat this fact, but using less paper of any sort is a good thing. Using less toilet paper means using fewer trees and less bleach to make the toilet paper oh-so-white. Americans use around 37 billion rolls of toilet of toilet paper a year (about 20 billion the day after Thanksgiving alone…no, we’re lying about that). So bidets use a little bit more water but a lot less paper.

It Uses Less Toilet Paper!

We might have failed to mention this before, but using a bidet means you’ll be using less toilet paper! What does that mean? You don’t have to buy nearly as much, which is good for your wallet. Think about how much money you can save! And think about the space you can save in your house if you only have to buy toilet paper by the 4-pack instead of the 24-pack.

It’s More Septic System Friends (because it uses less toilet paper)

If you have a septic system and aren’t part of the city’s sewer system, a bidet might be a good option. When septic systems work, they’re wonderful. But when old ones clog easily, you might be looking for any reason to send less down the toilet paper.

It Cuts Down On Hand / Germ Contact

You can probably guess what we mean by that. A hands-free bidet can get you cleaner before you even have to dry yourself off. Oh, and some bidets have fans (or blowers) than get you nice and dry!

It Feels Nice

As we mentioned before, using thick, ultra-soft toilet paper is one of the main reasons that toilets and sewer lines get clogged. Toilet paper is getting softer because people demand them…thin toilet paper can make your cleaning job disgusting, and scratchy toilet paper can make your rear end hurt. Bidets are often recommended by doctors who have sensitive skin down below, or for those who have hemorrhoids.

Sure, bidets sound great, Garvin’s Plumber, but does it use less toilet paper? We’ll look into that and get back to you. In the meantime, we hope we’ve opened your mind to the possibility that a bidet might be in your future.