Saving You Money On Your Water Bill With Proper Plumbing Services

We’re locally-owned here at Garvin’s, and we like to think of you as our neighbors. Because of that, we want to give you the best possible advice when it comes to saving you money on your water bill. After all, we’re subject to the same water restrictions as you are during Denver droughts, and we want there to be as much water in the lakes and rivers as possible.

So in addition to giving you reasonably-priced plumbing services all along the front range, Garvin’s has some advice on how to save water and/or money in and around your home.

Find Those Leaks

One thing that a local plumbing service can do for you is to fix leaks that pop up. In fact, we wrote an entire blog on how to check for hidden leaks. If you have Garvins 1reason to suspect that there may be hidden leaks in your home, give Garvin’s a call. It can not only save you money on water, but also on the damage that leaks can cause to your ceilings, walls, and floors.

Shower Heads

No one expects you to have water pressure so low that you can’t get all the suds out of your hair, but the fact is that most shower heads in older homes deliver far too much water per minute. A lot of this water simply bounces off of you or misses you entirely, only to head down the drain without doing any good. A low-flow shower head can save you on your monthly water bills.

Low-Flow Toilets

Okay, this subject always opens a can of worms. The fact is, yes, low-flow toilets can make it necessary to flush more times in order to get the solid waste to go away. But when it comes to liquid waste, they’re saving you quite a bit of water. This one is up to you, but we won’t blame you if you don’t want to go with an “ultra-low flow” variety.

Sprinkler Heads

That must have been some sprinkler head...

That must have been some sprinkler head…

There are so many ways that a sprinkler system can waste money. First of all, people often have them set to go off far too often. This actually ends up hurting the grass, because the root system never works to grow deeper. Second, far too many people use the sprinklers during the day, when it’s so warm that most of the water evaporates before it can soak in, or, even worse, before it hits the ground. Set your sprinklers to go off between 4am and 6am. Third, broken sprinkler heads waste gallons of water during every watering, and you might not even know they’re broken if you’re sleeping when the sprinklers go off. Finally, sprinklers are very inefficient. Using a drip irrigation method is a much better choice, because they put the water exactly where it needs to be without sending so much into the air.

Water Heater

Turning down the temperature on your water heater won’t save you money on water, but it will save you money on your gas bill if you have a gas water heater. Getting a water heater cover will also help save money. Even better, it will save your skin from getting scalded if you ever turn the tap too far to the left.

Weekend and Night Plumber

Here’s the way to save money in an emergency: call Garvin’s. Garvin’s is your local plumber who won’t charge you extra for nights and weekends. That will save you a load of cash right there!

Saving water is good for all of us, and good to our neighbors who live downstream. Garvin’s can help you take care of replacing all of your old fixtures to save you more money than ever. Ready to start saving? Contact your local plumbing contractor today!