It’s A Trap! The Importance Of Grease Traps In Commercial Drain Cleaning



Burgers and fries can cause a lot of sewer drain cleaning

If you run a restaurant, you know just what grease can do to your sewer system. If your grease traps aren’t properly cleaned, fats, oils and greases (FOGs) can wreak havoc in your pipes and cause clogs like you wouldn’t believe.

Grease traps are a requirement for all restaurants, whether you’re a fast food joint swimming in hamburger grease and fry oil or a vegetarian restaurant whose biggest concern is pea butter.. Grease traps are installed by plumbers, and with any luck they installed the correct size so that your grease traps don’t fill up too often. Plumbers install the grease traps, but it’s important to remember that a restaurant is legally required to install and maintain them

Point-Of-Use Grease Traps: It’s not uncommon to find grease traps directly under sinks in a commercial kitchen. These grease traps are the simplest in form, but make an excellent first line of defense, removing between 85-90% of FOGs and food solids. Keeping these cleaned out will prevent them from filling up completely and preventing your water from heading out.

Gravity Interceptors: This type of grease trap is usually located outside and underground, and typically holds between 500 and 2000 gallons. This is the type that has a manhole covered lid or trapdoor that allows the grease to be removed and the grease trap cleaned. Be sure to give Garvin’s a call so that a regular schedule of grease removal can be set up…otherwise you might forget and suddenly the efficiency of your trap goes down exponentially, causing all sort of problems.

Where Does It Go?: Most grease, called brown grease, just ends up in a landfill. That’s because rotting grease becomes rancid and becomes increasingly more difficult to recycle the longer it’s been in a grease trap.

Grease can be a big problem in the restaurant business, so it’s a good thing that Garvin’s Sewer Service is around! We’re here to thoroughly clean out your grease traps so that your restaurant can keep running with minimal interruption.