The Sewer Snake: 7 Benefits To Having A Professional Take Care Of It


You might be a do-it-yourself kind of person, and we respect that. There are lots of projects around the house that can be taken care of and save you a lot of money. So go ahead, frame that bathroom, replace that chandelier, build a deck!

So when you start thinking “maybe I’ll just rent a sewer snake” and take care of my clogged sewer drain for myself. Again, we respect your interest, but we’ve got a few reasons why you might want to think twice before you head out to pick up a consumer-grade or rentable sewer snake.

The Danger of the Blades: We’ll get this out of the way first: sewer snakes are not something to be trifled with. Think about what the blades are meant to do…spin around wildly in order to get all edges of the pipe clean. Those blades are meant to go after tree roots, and if they can tear through tree roots they’re not going to have any trouble ripping through flesh.

The Danger of the Coil: The coil of a sewer snake is under a lot of pressure and isn’t always intuitive on how to use. There are far too many ways to let it get away from you or to send you to the hospital with crushed fingers.

The Danger of What You Bring Back Up: There are a lot of pathogens that you can bring back up through the sewer drain, so it’s important to wear the proper protective equipment and to disinfect the sewer snake properly.

Speaking of Bringing Stuff Back Up: Our job can be pretty disgusting, but there are ways to lesson the disgust, and not knowing what you’re doing makes it much worse: Are you familiar with the best way to bring back the sewer snake so that it doesn’t bring with it the stuff you wish had gone down the drain? Not to brag, but we’re highly trained so you never again see the stuff that you sent down the drain.

The feel: Not every job requires a sewer camera, so we often have to know if the clog is completely obliterated by feel. Since our drain cleaners do this every day, they’re familiar with the feel of the equipment and if the clog is gone or if it’s just been damaged enough to let the water pass through. This leads to…

The Thoroughness: If you use the sewer snake and it only “kind of” gets the clog cleared out, then your drains are going to be clogged up again before you know it. Leaving anything is just going to be a catalyst for the next blog, so it’s important to get professional sewer cleaning to make sure you get everything.

The Cost: Doing it right the first time will be cheaper than doing it over and over again…and it will take a lot less of your time, too.

In the end, you’re going to be a lot safer and a lot happier having a professional taking care of your sewer snake needs. Give Garvin’s a call when you’re having trouble.