Why Veterinary Clinics And Pet Stores Need Constant Drain Cleaning Service


Drain cleaning service is necessary for pet shops and vetsIf you ask most people what kind of businesses need drain cleaning or need the use of a good sewer jetter, most would probably say restaurants or maybe a hair salon.

Not many would think “veterinary clinic” or “pet store.” But when you consider it, it makes a lot of sense that any company that deals in pet fur is going to be in need of some sewer service. Especially since you’re going to be sending a lot of fur down the drain whenever you’re washing animals.

While the average dog washing location doesn’t have to deal with hair that’s a foot long or more (like a human hair salon would), there are some interesting reasons why a dog salon needs frequent drain cleaning and sewer service.

“Fluffy” hair – This is the kind of hair that seems lighter than air and sticks to your hand after you pet some animals. Because it isn’t compact, it tends to head down the drain and grab onto every surface and gets woven to create clogs.

Different Levels Of Oil – Oil is bad for drains, and there’s a big variance in the amount of oil that comes from people hair. Now imagine that you’re not just dealing with different breeds of dogs, but also cats, rabbits, and ferrets.

Shedding – Animals have hair all over, so there’s a great chance of it falling off (and getting noticed) when they’re on furniture. Heck, even a small dog has more hairs than a full-sized human does. So, through natural shedding during a bath, there’s going to be a lot more animal hair that heads down the drains. This problem is only compounded in months when animals are losing winter coats.

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