The Importance of Proper Drain Cleaning Service When You Own A Restaurant

Drain cleaning is great for restaurants.If you own or run a restaurant in the Denver area, it’s not likely that you’ll be needing rooter service anytime soon due to tree roots. After all, not many restaurants have a lot of trees that are planted right over the sewer line, trees that are just trying to burst into the line to get at the water and nutrients. (Nutrients from sewage…we’ll call them ewwtrients.)

But restaurants have a lot of other problems when it comes to drain cleaning and sewer service, ones that you’ll want to stay on top of if you’re going to keep your restaurant up and moving.

Grease: Without a doubt, this is the biggest problem that a restaurant faces. Certainly it’s worse for some than for others; after all, if you have a burger and fry place you’re going to produce more grease than if you offer raw food dishes. But most every restaurant is going to be producing grease, and with any amount of employee turnover, you’re going to have employees sending oil and grease right down the sink. Once this happens, it can cause drain and sewer problems throughout the building. Garvins will be there to eliminate all of your sewer drain cleaning needs.

Sinks: You’ve probably got debris traps in your sinks, as well as garbage disposals. But they’re not always going to be used correctly, and stuff is going to end up going down your kitchen sinks (and public bathroom sinks). When it gets to be too much, call us for your drain cleaning in any part of the Denver area.

Toilets: What’s the difference between your toilets at home and the ones in your restaurant. Answer: you can control what goes into your toilets at home. When you have a public restroom, you have absolutely zero control over what people put into them. You can post signs saying “no paper towels in toilets.” You can say “please place your feminine hygiene products in the provided receptacles.” But you have no control over what people are putting down your toilets.

That’s where Garvin’s Sewer Service comes in. We’re there for all your drain cleaning needs, and will help move things along when your entire sewer system is having problems. The lack of clean, functional bathrooms can mean all the difference as to if a customer will return to you restaurant.

Age of the Sewer System: If you’re running a restaurant in a new development in a newer suburb, you probably don’t have to worry about age. But if you’ve renovated some old building in downtown Denver, you’ve got to deal with not only the sewer system of Denver but also that of the previous tenent. If you’ve just moved in and need a clean start, or you need to make sure that the problem isn’t going to be on your end, Garvin’s Sewer Service will be there to do the sewer drain cleaning for your restaurant.

No matter how careful you are in your kitchen, you’ll eventually need drain cleaning and sewer service from Garvin’s. Give us a call when you have problems, or sign up for our preventive maintenance program to make sure the problems never show up in the first place!