Just What Does “We Clean Drains, Not Bank Accounts” Mean?


Early sewer service and sewer cleaning in Denver

We sure do miss those hats, though…

“We Clean Drains, Not Bank Accounts®.” Sure, it’s catchy. It’s our motto, and we like it so much that we had it registered.

The fact is, mottos are cheap if they’re not backed up by service. That’s why we’re very careful to be fair to each and every customer who gives us a call. Why are we so careful?

We’ve been at this for 75 years: In our time serving northern Colorado we’ve seen a lot of businesses come and go. We’ve seen some good competition go under (not everyone can run a business as well as they clean drains) and experienced schadenfreude when some fly-by-night upstart who’s trying to scam people goes under. Treating people fairly is the best way to survive for three-quarters of a century.

You’re our neighbors: 75 years will teach you a lot. Not only about the changing face of sewer service, but about how to treat customers. Since we’re a third generation family-owned business we’ve been sure to foster a relationship with our customers and the community. We don’t want to drain your bank account, because we want you and our community as a whole to prosper. We also know very well that breaking our promise just once would get around quickly!

We’d rather have your trust than your money: Again, that’s easy to say, but we know that a company that scams you for $2000 never gets your business again. But when we give you a fair deal, we bet we’ll have a customer for life. And you might just tell you neighbors about us too.

It’s just who we are: Our family raised us right!