Why do I always need sewer repair during the holidays?

“Why do I always get a sewer repair at the holidays?”


Yes, I hear a lot of people ask this question. There are several reasons why it can happen. Maybe knowing these, you can prevent it next year!


Guests mean that your plumbing and sewer system is being used more heavily than when you don’t have guests. The additional usage can tax a system that may have roots in the line or other debris that hasn’t quite cleared the line. The best way to prevent a sewer backup in this case is to have Preventative Maintenance run on the lines. This means having sewer cleaning before your guests come.

dreamstime_3208702Naughty Guests.

“Merry Christmas. I got you sewer problems!” Naughty guests don’t follow your house rules. Maybe it’s because they don’t know them, or maybe they just don’t care. Either way, a great way to resolve this issue is to post your house rules where they are appropriate. This means taping up a sign or even just informing the guests, such as “Old Plumbing, use the toilet paper sparingly.” It is also a VERY good idea to keep a plunger in every bathroom. Keep another one in a closet for sinks and showers.


Nature dishes out some nasty stuff. Root growth can intensify as they look for nutrition in the form of the fertilizer in your sewer line, causing the need for sewer repair. Vents offer warm places for creatures looking for shelter and if one falls into the vent, it stops movement in the line as well. Additionally, cleaning the line can be more difficult in the winter months as the ground can be too frozen to allow digging up the access point and snow covered roofs impossible to access the vent.


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