The Thanksgiving Stuff That leads to emergency sewer service

dreamstime_xxl_27295959My dad fried a turkey once. Just once.

Mom was mad that we had a blackened turkey. Truth be told, once we peeled off the charred skin, the moist meat was absolutely fantastic.

The internet is full of recipes to try this Thanksgiving. And I’m sure that Pinterest and Instagram will have tons of pictures of both the failures and the success of what I call The Great American Fatness Day.

If you do choose to fry your dinner this year, please remember to recycle all that oil. It ABSOLUTELY doesn’t belong down the drain. (Here are two resources for this: Great West BioFuels and RecycOil). Make sure it goes in the trash, or a coffee can. In fact, many city recycling centers will take it and turn it into fuel for diesel engines. Pouring it down the drain could lead to costly sewer cleaning.

If you do have a problem, call Garvin’s Sewer Service, Inc. We’ll get your wastewater flowing in the right direction.

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