What our techs are thinking during your sewer cleaning

As a homeowner, I understand that talking to a blue collar guy can be…painful.

dreamstime_17872277Trust me, the guys tell me it can be painful too. And while most customers go above and beyond to make sure it goes as smooth as possible during the sewer cleaning, others just don’t seem to understand what we need.

Here are the complaints I get from guys regarding customers. I would LOVE to hear what bugs you about conversations with blue collar guys.

1. The customer stands over me and watches my every move. I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

2. The customer shut off the light while I was working.

3. The customer answered the door in her robe and didn’t care if and when it fell open. She wore little (or nothing) underneath.

4. The customer’s dog wouldn’t leave me alone. The customer kept saying, “Oh, he wouldn’t hurt a fly” even though the dog was baring his teeth at me. (It was a Chihuahua).

5. The customer was a hoarder and didn’t understand that I needed access to places. And needed more room than a 3×3 foot space.


What is your Blue Collar Guy Pet Peeve?


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