Stuff Women Need to Know About Preventing The Need for sewer service

dreamstime_9421492Hi Ladies!

I get a lot of questions and realized I could address some of them more publicly:

1. Is Drain-O/ Liquid Plumr really that bad?

In 75 years of business we have:

  •      Gone out to clean a drain after one or similar products have failed to clear a clog (on more than one occasion)
  •      Gone out to clean a drain after one or similar products have failed to clear a clog and the product splash-back caused skin burns that sent the technician to the hospital (on more than one occasion)
  •      See the warning labels on these types of products and don’t understand why they are available to non-professionals for use
  •      Found non-chemical products to be longer lasting, and safer for the environment and all lifeforms

In this product, the “grabbing tool” is more effective than the chemical product.


2. Does the type of toilet paper really matter?

In 75 years of business we have found:

Low flush toilets and toilets with low water pressure or small openings do have more issues with the type of paper

Thick papers such as those labeled Ultra Soft/ Ultra Plush/ Super Absorbent, do cause more issues than those that don’t. Use as little as possible in order to prevent the need for sewer cleaning


3. What is the BEST way to get rid of clogs?

In toilets: PLUNGER, AUGER, or Pulling the toilet (in the case of an object falling in and getting stuck)

In sinks and tubs: a grabbing tool such as shown below

In sewers, floor drains, kitchen sinks and laundry lines: Professional Drain cleaning equipment, run by a professional sewer cleaner


4. It says, “Flushable”, yet I still have problems.

Tampons and wipes are HUGE culprits in creating clogs. Wrap the cotton portion in the trash rather than flushing it and limit the use of wipes. This will save you money on sewer cleanings. They are designed to be strong and absorbent, not like toilet paper which is designed to disintegrate.


Do you have any other questions you’d like me to answer?

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