Sewer Service Scams and Ethics

dreamstime_xxl_52135Holy buckets! Sometimes I get all fired up about the things I see in the sewer repair industry!

I believe that people should be able to expect a fair service done by professionals trained in their field. Especially when you are hiring them to come into your home! We should be able to trust folks! So, why do I hear stories like this???

— A homeowner is told they need sewer replacement. When we gave a second opinion, all he needed to do was a sewer cleaning. Price difference: $8020.

— A homeowner is charged $700 at a “reduced Preferred Client” rate which includes a guarantee on the work performed. For less than that, we would run the line twice in a year, guarantee included.

— A local news channel ran an expose on local companies that lied about the need for sewer repair or made the problem worse before “selling” a solution to the client.

— A partnership between companies that is self-serving in that kickbacks are given for referrals performed by subcontractors, whether or not the actual work is needed.

There are ethical ways to make a profit in this world, and there are unethical ways. Garvin’s has been in business for 75 years because we do the right thing. Integrity is part of our decision-making and practices.

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