The Value of Business Networking in the sewer cleaning industry

dreamstime_6349709Hey, we can’t talk about sewer cleaning and drain cleaning all the time! Sometimes we have to talk business. And when we do…

What is Business Networking and how does it benefit the customer?

Business Networking is basically relationship building for businesses. Take for example: you walk into your partner’s office party. You start talking to someone. You hit it off. Not in a romantic way, but more in a, “Wow, were we separated at birth and my actual sibling is from outer space just like I suspected?” kind of way.

Business Networking is similar. It’s like when you meet someone who has knowledge and insight you want. Or maybe they have connections to the same type of clients you have, or maybe connections to resources you need that you don’t know where to look for. (Like a trustworthy accountant or a lawyer to write up a specific contract.)

How does this benefit the customer?

In lots of ways actually. Do you benefit from Google or an Internet search Engine? Do you care about the content or results you get or are you fine with just anything- just the first thing that pops up? Doesn’t it depend on the size of the commitment to the thing you are looking for?

For example, if you search “restaurant”, and you are just hungry and in a neighborhood you aren’t familiar with, you are going to go with the result that makes sense in that moment. You will choose “Mama’s Pizza” two blocks away if you want pizza, and you will choose “Lou’s Latin Cuisine” three blocks away if you want that. It is low risk, low commitment, easy choice.

However, if you search “restaurant”, and you are wanting the perfect anniversary dinner, you may click the links to look at the pictures. You may read the reviews and look at the menu or wine list. You may be willing to travel farther, spend more money, maybe even call ahead for a reservation. It is a higher risk, higher commitment and a slightly harder choice.

When a business owner does networking, they are basically deciding who to give business too. We aren’t talking a $20 dinner, we could be talking about a $3000 catering event. We aren’t talking about a couple having a nice date night, we could be talking about sending our very own clients to this restaurant- clients we have nurtured a relationship with, who, if we steer wrong could hurt that very connection we worked so hard to build. High risk, high commitment, hard choice.

Yet, when businesses take the time to network, they build really high-quality relationships that make the customer’s life better. Because now, instead of just fixing the plumbing on their house, they can suggest someone to install that ceiling fan sitting in the garage, or a great carpet cleaner who can take care of the fantastic Oriental Rug in the dining room.

Businesses that network are customer service powerhouses!

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