Bathroom Debates Beyond When it's time for drain cleaning

dreamstime_9956210There are plenty of things in the world to debate and ponder — starvation, sustainability, clean drinking water. But there are far fewer things we get downright righteous about — our bathrooms.

I don’t mean using a particular brand or color coordination, I’m talking about the good old basic age-old debates:

Which way should the toilet paper hang?

When posted online, we received comments that kept the debate alive, although it seems people with playful pets (and may I suggest children), ‘A’ is the best option. Otherwise, it seems ‘B’ is the chosen response, however there was no good reason for it other than you will make people crazy if you don’t.

For A:

“This is not a debate- CLEARLY ‘A’ wins out every time.” -Marie

“Only reason EVER for ‘A’: your dog likes to spin the roll for fun” –Kim

“B normally, but A if you have cats.” -Gene

For B:

“B is the only logical answer” –John

“B… it’s just the way I roll” –Mike

“It’s B if you want to be rolling according to etiquette standards; it showcases the design of the paper.” –Kimberly

“B and I am adamant about it.” -Shelli

“Always B. A is annoying.” –Rachel

Do you use the decorative bathroom soaps or not?

My mom had a dish of decorative soaps in the bathroom- they matched the décor of beachside- in shapes of seashells. She also kept a pump dispenser of liquid soap. She didn’t want anyone to use the decorative soaps- they were simply decorative.

How about others? What do they do?

We searched online and came up with some fun answers. I’m not going to include a link- you need to do your own search for answers to this silliness.

“Gross. No soap sharing!”

“I used to collect decorative soaps and I had so many, I just starting using them up. They are lovely.”

Which then brings me to, after you have used the toilet paper and the decorative bath soap… where do you wipe your hands?




Do you use the decorative hand towels?

Yes, my mom had these two. They changed with the seasons. I always felt weird about drying my hands on Santa’s crunchy, non-absorbent beard. So, usually just dried my hands on my pant legs.

How about you?

Again, here are a few answers we found online:

“I buy things to use them, not to just look pretty.”

“Yes, they are washable, but once you do, they fade and don’t hang right.”

“I think my guest deserve to use the pretty towels. If you don’t want them touched, frame them or something.”


I would love your thoughts on these critical questions. You can comment here or find us on Twitter, FaceBook or Pinterest to comment there.


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