Fun story for Realtors – A Gift From Your Local Sewer Cleaners!

A special Realtor’s® Edition MadLib®

Created by Plumbing Girl at Garvin’s Sewer Service


Hey Realtor® Friends! Fill out the blanks below BEFORE reading the story. After you have filled in the blanks, apply your answers to the corresponding blanks in the story following. Have fun!


  1. Location: _______________
  2. Person or thing: _______________
  3. Verb: _______________ (an action word)
  4. Verb: _______________
  5. Noun: _______________ (a person, place or thing)
  6. Noun: _______________
  7. Verb: _______________
  8. Adjective: _______________ (a word to describe something, ie. Blue, crazy, soft)
  9. Plural Noun: _______________
  10. Plural Noun: _______________
  11. Plural Noun: _______________
  12. Adjective: _______________
  13. Plural Noun: _______________
  14. Exclamation: _______________
  15. Adjective: _______________
  16. Plural Noun: _______________
  17. Number: _______________
  18. Unit of measure: _______________
  19. Number: _______________
  20. Form of currency: _______________
  21. Adverb: _______________ (this is a word usually ending in ‘ly’ that describes a verb, ie. quietly)
  22. Verb: _______________
  23. Adjective: _______________

Now, insert the above words into the following silly story you just created!


The BEST way to buy a house

By: (insert your name here)

The following is for entertainment purposes only. Consult a lawyer before using this as actual advice. *giggle*


The best way to buy a home in __1.__ is to first start by hiring a __2.__. These folks really know how to __3.__ for the best possible outcome. The first thing your Realtor will do is __4.__ the __5.__ of your __6.__. Then, they will help you __7.__ what is best for your __8.__ situation.

He or she will then ask you a series of questions like, “Do you have __9.__?”

“How many __10.__ are you interested in?”

“Do you prefer __11.__ or __12.__ __13.__?”

And “What is your price range?”

To which most first time home buyers respond, “__14.__”.

Although some also ask, “Will there be room for my __15.__ __16.__?”

“I’m really looking for __17.__ __18.__”

And, “Price range? Um, __19.__ __20.__”.

We hope with this advice, you will now be able to __21.__ __22.__ your __23.__ home.

Good luck!

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