Why do I need a sewer scope?

sewer repair_ctaWhat are the reasons for sewer scoping?

There are several reasons why people would do a sewer scope (also known as a sewer camera or sewer snake), here are a few of them:

  • Purchasing a home
    • Because a sewer scope is not included in a normal home inspection, it must be requested and done separately and is very important
    • You want to ensure the condition of the line is healthy to avoid a huge repair bill in the future
  • Have recurring problems with a particular line and would like to see what the main culprit is
    • Maybe root growth causing backups every fall, and the backups are now more frequent
    • Suddenly, the bath tub is taking way too long to drain
    • Problems have resulted from other service people performing work on or in the house
    • Someone tried to clean the pipe and can’t get through the line
  • Curiosity
    • Some people just want to see what their line looks like

*A note about pre and post cleaning scoping, in our humble opinion.

  • Pre-cleaning sewer scoping
    • Not recommended, because you can’t see anything when a sewer is backed up
    • For example, submerge a camera into murky water and you’ll see why it’s not recommended
  • Post-cleaning sewer scoping
    • The point of this would be to prove that the work was actually completed. If you need reassurance, then perhaps you have the wrong contractor. Warrantying the work is typically a less expensive option.

With other questions about sewer cameras, please call our trained staff at 303-571-5114. We would be happy to answer all of your questions.

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