Roots in my Sewer Line, Oh My! Do I need sewer service?

dreamstime_xxl_5223167Although roots grow year-round, it’s best to do preventative maintenance in the spring. After the winter thaw and run off, the trees and bushes are looking to grow again, wiggling their roots into the joints of sewer lines and through the porous clay pipes. Also, people may be hosting parties and guests in the winter, causing more bulk in their waste lines. These two items together, increased root growth and heavier usage, can cause sewer back-ups.

Many homeowners with root issues choose regular preventative sewer cleanings. How often they need to be cleaned will be on a case by case basis. This can be determined by having the line ran to see how much root growth there is between cleanings.

Here’s how you can know if preventative maintenance is right for you:

  1. You have systematic sewer back- ups. These may not happen like clockwork, but if you have ever said, “Every Thanksgiving…” or “Every summer, it seems like we get a back-up.” You might need sewer service
  2. If you have a clay sewer line. Clay sewer lines can last for decades, but they do require maintenance. A regular cleaning is important to prevent the line from getting cracks or holes from root growth.
  3. If you just bought your home, especially if it has been sitting vacant, it is a good idea. Get your sewer cleaned.

Basically, for under $200 in most cases, you can have the peace of mind of knowing your line is clean and free of problems, before you need to spend thousands of dollars later for repairs. Please visit our blog post “Red Flags of Sewer Scope Inspection” to learn more about root penetration in your line and what it can mean to you.

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