Red Flags of Sewer Scope Inspections

garvins_cta3With sewer line repairs starting at $3500 and replacements costing upwards of tens of thousands, spending just a couple hundred dollars for a sewer scope (aka sewer camera) inspection is a good investment. This is especially true in property transactions and in homes with problematic sewer systems.

However, it is important to know what we call “red flags” of sewer scope inspection. These will help you to be sure that your inspection is being adhered to ethically:

  1. You receive an offer that sounds too good to be true. Maybe it is deeply discounted or even  a complimentary offer for a sewer scope inspection. We have found that in many of these cases, the company finds a justifiable reason to do a repair/ replacement to make up for the reduced cost.
  2. You get a routine cleaning done, or have a clog, and the company tells you they need to jackhammer the floor/ replace or repair the line, and you feel hostage or pressured into making a quick decision.
  3. If the line is full of water, you are not able to see what the problem is- so if you are told, “It’s broken”, and the line isn’t opened enough to drain, get a second opinion, it might not be.
  4. If they use the sewer scope when you are not present, be sure it is actually your line you are looking at. If you are only seeing a 30-second video clip, it is possible you are not even looking at your own line or problem.
  5. Remember that the sewer scope has a small lens and this may cause problems to look bigger than they are. Don’t be alarmed by seeing roots in your line- these are common and can be cleaned out. Don’t confuse joints with breaks. A small belly isn’t always the cause for a repair. If in doubt, get a second opinion.
  6. Finally, if the company can not, will not or charges you extra for a copy of your DVD, this is a red flag —they don’t want you to get a second opinion! Your local sanitation department or Garvin’s can look at the DVD for free.

For more information, tips or questions, give us a call! (303) 571-5114

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