"Your Sewer Scope Saved Us Over $8500!"

drain_ctaYou take your car into the shop. The mechanic notices you need an oil change —he recommends a new engine. That’s one solution, but another solution is to do an oil change. We believe in preventative maintenance over replacement. However, we recognize there are times for replacement. Our goals is to give you the options that others may be relunctant to. Here is the testimonial from our client in Westminster, CO:

“Just “thank you” for your excellent advice and serivce does not seem sufficient enough. Your company saved us $8659 from being scammed into major excavation work on our property. After talking with Mitch regarding our problem, we were certain that we wanted your company’s advice and [2nd] opinion.

We were very impressed with your serviceman who did an excellent job with the drain cleaning and explaining what we were seeing as the camera went through the sewer line. He also gave us the sewer scope DVD showing the condition of the sewer. We were advised that our sewer did not need work beyond what was done on the day your compay inspected it. We would not even consider using anyone else but Garvin’s in the future and we will continue letting others know of the service you provide.

It is a pleasure working with people of your knowledge and integrity.


Daniel & Evelyn”

We’ve survived in the Denver area for over 70 years based on our integrity, so on behalf of Garvin’s Sewer Service, you’re welcome!

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