Frozen Pipes: What Kind of sewer service you'll need

dreamstime_xxl_34102173If you find yourself with frozen pipes, here are some tips to help you out (and hopefully prevent a water emergency and/or needing a plumber).

1. Make sure your heat is turned up to 75 degrees, open cupboard doors.

2. Turn your main water off 95% of the way if you are at home. If you are away, turn it off completely. (Your main shut off valve will most likely be in your basement or crawlspace.)

3. Leave the affected faucets on to allow water to come through and thaw pipes.

4. If you have a space heater, put it under the affected areas to heat the pipes. (a hair-dryer is an alternation option)

5. If your home has a crawlspace, make sure all vents to the outside are CLOSED.

Special notes: If NONE of the water pipes in your home are producing water,  then your main water line may be the affected pipe, in which case, you will need to contact a plumber. We can perform drain and sewer service that can get your water back up and running

Matt Pastore, CO Master Plumber, Plumbing & Heating Manager, Garvin’s Sewer Service


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